Since leaving the company, rumors have constantly swirled about the return of CM Punk to WWE. However, Punk has been adamant that he will not return to WWE under any circumstance. He also has been involved in a legal battle with the company over a podcast he did with Indy star Colt Cabana. But, with all that said, I'd say tonight may be our best chance to see CM Punk.

Let's look at the facts. With tonight being the 25th Anniversary of Raw, Vince McMahon is pulling out ALL the stops...over 40 legends are scheduled to appear on the show tonight. And of all announced to appear, Brother Love may be the most shocking. Bruce Prichard is one of those guys who left the company under less than happy circumstances. Many 'experts' said Bruce would NEVER return to WWE...yet, here we are with Brother Love back on our television. Plus in recent years, we've seen the return of Ultimate Warrior, Dave Bautista and countless others who we never thought we'd see again.

Another reason why the idea of CM Punk isn't so far fetched is the fact they're using him on TV again. After his bitter split with the company, all mentions of Punk were pretty much wiped out. If there was a poll that had a CM Punk match on it, his name was left off. When they made a YouTube list of best promos, they never mentioned his famous 'Pipe Bomb'. But, out of nowhere, all of a sudden CM Punk is EVERYWHERE.

His Pipe Bomb was voted as the second most important moment in Raw History. They showed it on the WWE Network. They showed it on USA. A clip of Punk is included in the 25th Anniversary Raw open...I mean he went from being non-existent to being included in everything. WWE usually doesn't do things just to do them...there is usually a reason. So, whether they are negotiating a deal to bring him back in or already have one in place, its obvious that Punk is no longer blackballed.

And finally, the reason I think Punk may be on his way back in is this: the dirt sheets are reporting that word coming out of USA network is WWE has planned something big to happen that'll leave the fans gasping and wanting more tonight on RAW 25.

Now, when WWE frontloads fans with a bunch of information, it is usually to distract from someone coming in the back door. There aren't a whole lot of names that could set the wrestling universe a blaze. You really only have Punk and Kenny Omega...and Kenny just signed a brand new deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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