A lot has been said about CM Punk's transition from the world of pro wrestling to the world of MMA. If you remember back, after a lot of hype, Punk got beat in the first round by young upstart Mickey Gall in his first professional fight. Since, there has been a lot of discussion around whether or not he should fight again, if he should transition to Bellator to fight lesser quality opponents or if he should go back to pro wrestling.

Well, after a lot of speculation and rumor, it appear that Punk has begun training for his next professional Mixed Martial Arts bout.

His trainer Duke Roufus posted on Instagram that Punk is back in the gym preparing for his next UFC fight.

And, you know what, good for Punk. A lot of people have written him and say he's not worth the time. But, me, I think its awesome that a guy nearing 40 is busting his ass to compete a level much higher than he should. He's literally been working MMA for 3 years now. And his first fight may have only lasted 3 minutes, but that Gall kid has ended seasoned vets in a lot less time. Win, lose or draw, I'm pulling for Punk and can't wait to see his next fight.

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