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The 2021 edition of Mudbug Madness was a huge success. Tons of people showed up, fun was had by most...all things considered, it was a wildly successful weekend in Shreveport.

However, while things for the most were positive and awesome, there was a situation the briefly disrupted the positivity on Sunday (5/30/21) when a fight broke out between what appears to be 3 patrons.

The video posted by Love Shreveport-Bossier that can be viewed HERE shows a fight already in-progress with a man on the ground. When the man on the ground stands up, two other men began throwing punches at the already staggered man's head. The group goes to the ground again, and that's when you see Shreveport police jumping in to action.

The fight was broken up by police but, several women and children in the area were visibly upset. What was suppose to be a fun day of music and eating, for some, took a turn for the traumatic.

No word yet on any arrests, and the event went on as planned. At this time, this particular fight seemed to be the only reported incident during a fun and enjoyable weekend. Mudbug Madness was a very successful festival, bringing in thousands of patrons to Festival Plaza this year.


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