Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser praises the Shreveport-Bossier area for the record setting success of the just completed Mudbug Madness Memorial Day Festival.

The festival, back this year after a year hiatus because of the COVID pandemic, returned with record numbers of attendees, with Saturday night crowds estimated to be in excess of 10,000.

"Unbelievable! We made a commitment to promote and support festivals anywhere in the state, because we can't afford to have any event not be a success," says Nungesser, "It's been an incredible success and great successes all over Louisiana. We're back open for business and I think we're going to bounce back a lot faster than people think."

And Nungesser emphasized what the festival (and others) mean to our part of Louisiana. "It brings awareness to all of the things going on in this area. Mudbugs Madness means friends and family in town and it becomes an even bigger tourist attraction.

And Nungesser mentioned more praise for Mudbug Madness, as it was named one of Top 100 Events in the Nation by the American Bus Association. "I can't tell you how lucky we are to have so many passionate people that represent their fair or festival. They really roll up their sleeves and make things new and exciting. Everything about it was unique and special and people keep coming back for more."


Record Crowds Show Up for Mudbug Madness

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