The dating app is looking to make that first meeting a little easier.

There are so many ways to meet someone special these days. In addition to the traditional ways, people can meet online and through mobile apps. One thing remains true though and that the idea that eventually you will need to meet in person if you want to continue with that romantic connection. At least that's how I see relationships work.

Bumble wants to make that first date a little more comfortable.

According to Bloomberg, the female-focused dating app is opening a coffee shop and wine bar in New York City. This will serve as an easy place to have that first in-person interaction with that special someone you are falling hard for. It's an easy place to grab a drink, coffee, or a bite to eat.

In addition to comfort, I believe this will help people feel safe meeting someone who is still a stranger, for the most part. I feel like the people that work there know why you are there and they can kind of keep an eye on you. As much as I hate to say it, there are still some not-so-nice people out there.

The space will also be used for business meetings as a part of Bumble's business sector.

I think this is a genius idea! The success rate would be high in our area. And even if it doesn't work with the person you showed up with, there are others who are there looking for love too. Who's to say you couldn't connect with one of them? Just make sure they're not vibing with the person they came with.

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