Since the announcement was made that the Foo Fighters are coming to Bossier City in the spring of 2018, everyone has been excited. This is guaranteed to be an awesome show. Keeping that in mind, I started to think about other shows that I loved. There are many elements that can go into a show being memorable, from the lead singer singing that one song perfectly, to the guitar player doing and unforgettable solo.

While I know that the Foo Fighters show will be one to remember, I got to thinking about what makes the perfect band. Even better what if I could build the perfect band! The band with everyone in the right position to guarantee that every performance would be legendary.

I presented this topic to some friends and of course it was highly debated from "you have the wrong singer" to "he is the best drummer!"  Then out of the blue someone threw out this line "What if you could choose anyone dead or alive!" and just like that everything changed.

I want to know what you think. If you could build the perfect band with people who are dead or alive and using the positions of lead vocals, lead guitar, bass, and drummer (feel free to add backing vocals or other instruments) who would you choose ?

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