This decision is bigger than the presidential election!

It's time to start planning your Halloween costume. Wait, who am I kidding? You've been planning this costume since last Halloween when you showed up to the company party with a white pillow case over your head, claiming you were a ghost.

This year certainly has given us some noteworthy ideas.

You and your friends could be Ghostbusters or even the Spice Girls. Maybe you choose one of the presidential hopefuls. Animals are always a great choice. Will you try to go sexy or completely over the top? I heard there is an inflatable costume that make you "the man in the bathtub." Or maybe you bring back one of your favorite deceased celebrities we lost this year as a zombie... Too soon? Yeah, I guess you're right. Prince never looked good in anything other than purple and sparkles anyway.

So, what do you think you'll dress up as this year?

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