I've been a part of the new fad that so many Americans are a part of. Yup, I have gone KETO! Basically, I watch my carbs and log everything I eat. Over the weekend I really wanted to cheat. On my diet, not my boyfriend, let me clarify that quickly. I remembered a friend of mine mentioned that eating 5 Guys lettuce wrapped burger felt just like cheating on the Keto diet. I rolled in, ordered a lettuce wrap burger to go and as I was walking up to my apartment my lettuce wrapped burger fell through the brown sack due to all the grease. Luckily it was still wrapped and warm. That should have stopped me from devouring the burger, did it? Of course not. I justified the lack of carbs for the overload on the slippery greasy burger. That burger was delicious.

I have been looking for an excuse to indulge in another greasy meal. It looks like October 25th is the day for all of us to enjoy greasy food without judgment. Where will you choose to eat on National Greasy Food day? Tell us in the comments below.

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