Photo Charlie Sheen via Twitter

Charlie Sheen is unstoppable!  Maybe it's the tiger blood or maybe it's the Adonis DNA, who knows.  He just joined Twitter on Tuesday and already has ONE MILLION PLUS followers! In case you aren't following my hero, here's some of his tweets:

Hate poseurs like Chuck Lorre who change their name. Unless their name is something lame like "Carlos Estevez."

Just had conversation with Keith Moon's ghost, who confirmed I'm not delusional.

@EmilioEstevez: No, I can't loan you $20.

Yo, @MuammarGaddafi, quit stealing my thunder, bro!

Just looked at Christina Aguilera's mug shot. Ready to smoke crack again.

Could be crazy, but starting to think these goddesses may just be using me for money and drugs.

Buying case of Valtrex with some strippers and porn queens. AKA, WINNING!

I'm an F-18! Mostly because I'm always supersonic speeding and constantly high.

Just bought $400 worth of Charlie Sheen . . . can't wait to snort it.

140 characters? They should let me have 280 characters, because I'm a rock star from Mars.

I'm following my ex, Brooke. Not on Twitter, but in real life. And I'm carrying a knife.

If you think these Tweets are nice, you should see the ones on this goddess.

"Platoon 2" . . . starring me and 2,000 Viet Cong babes. WINNING!

@LindsayLohan, TigerWoods, MelGibson and JesseJames . . . YOU'RE WELCOME!