Is your grandma awesome?  I only ask because one of the biggest corporations in the world is only looking for the best of the best.  Does your Gam-Gam have what it takes to be the Great American Grandma?

I know what you're thinking - I'm not signing my Nana up to fight with the Avengers!  I get it - it sounds like a elderly superhero name.  It totally is, but that sweet old lady that writes you a $5 check for your birthday won't have to fight off any alien/robot invasions (probably).  GE is looking for an honest-to-goodness, homemade-gravy-making, life-advice-giving grandmother to work for them.

The appliance and electronics giant wants to hire one special granny, part-time, for one year.  They are specifically looking for an experienced grandmother who can cook delicious meals without a cookbook, and flash that reassuring and loving smile at the same time - the grand-magic, if you will.  The job starts on March 1st of this year, lasts exactly one year, and should clock in somewhere around 15 hours a week.  What does Mawmaw get out of the deal?  Besides getting to flout the title of Great American Grandma around to the lesser grannies at her quilting club - she'll get $50,000 and lots of brand-spankin' new GE appliances for the kitchen (aka Abuela's lair).

No resume needed, just set your Oma up to record a video submission.  Or you can do it on her behalf.  Upload your video and find out more by clicking here!

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