As you know, we are huge Chris Jericho fans. Doesn't matter if we're talking about his work in the ring, on the stage, on TV or behind the mic, the dude truly is the ayatollah of rock-n-rolla.

Well, on the most recent episode of Talk-N-Shop with Karl Anderson and the Big LG Luke Gallows, Jericho and company had a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN! You might say they were a few drinks in when they started.

Anyway, Y2J and the Club started the show talking about the popularity of Talk-N-Shop and gave Shreveport a shout out (sort of).

While discussing how the show has grown and the number of downloads has more than doubled; Jericho said he didn't know how the show was going to do, but with more than a million downloads he now knows that ' you idiots...yeah I'm talking to you right there in Shreveport, Louisiana' are listening to the show.

I don't know what we did to get a shout out from Y2J, but its still pretty awesome that we're on Jericho's radar.

If you've never listened to Jericho's podcast, you NEED to check it out. Especially the Talk-N-Shop episodes, which are full of drunken stupidity that you need to hear. If you fast forward to about 3:54 in the show, you can hear the Shreveport drop. But, I highly suggest listening to the whole hour and a half because Jericho, LG and Machine Gun are friggin' hilarious!  And it features a special appearance from Anthrax!

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