Today is Chris Jericho's 47th birthday. And despite the fact he's getting up in years, the guy is not slowing down one bit. He's coming off one of the best and most successful runs of his professional wrestling career. He's currently on the road with his rock band Fozzy, promoting their new album 'Judas'. He hosts a podcast. Just wrote another best selling book....and for the first time in nearly 20 years, he's will be wrestling outside the WWE when he challenges Kenny Omega in Japan for the IWGP US Title.

It's crazy to think all the things Jericho has accomplished and continues to accomplish. Besides ALL the things I just listed, he is debuting his own cruise, has a new TV series starting, and is working on several other projects. And, probably more important than any of that stuff, from all accounts he's one hell of a husband and father.

Last time I interviewed Chris, I asked him how he manages to do all this stuff while balancing his life and he told me that he just prioritizes what is important to him and goes down the list knocking out what he can. It's just pretty amazing to me that a guy who is nearly 47, who has so many major accomplishments still has the drive and passion to be the best in the world.

So, happy birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet, Chris Jericho. Hope to see you soon, my friend. (P.S., hook me a good brother up with a balcony room on your cruise. I need to get my gimmick back out on the road.)


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