These days, Chris Jericho is a household name. He's a guaranteed WWE Hall of Famer, he's an author, rock band frontman, TV show host, Podcast host, author and master of the list.

But before Chris Jericho became a legend, he was struggling to find his way in WCW. He had a few big angles but due to his size, he was mostly misused and undervalued. However, 18 years ago today, all that changed. He made his WWE debut, going toe to toe with the Rock.

Since then, much like he says in his first WWE promo, things forever changed. He's the only 3 time Grand Slam Champion, has won the Intercontinental Title more than anyone else and has racked up more accomplishments than I could ever list.

God bless you Y2J for saving us all, BAY-BAY!

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