All Elite Wrestling, or AEW, is about to become the first major pro wrestling challenger to WWE in over a decade. They have already sold out multiple pay-per-view events around the country, and have a TV deal set up with TNT.

This past weekend at their "All Out" pay-per-view in Chicago, the company named their first ever AEW Champion. The match was between independent wrestling star Adam "Hangman" Page and pro wrestling legend Chris Jericho.

Spoiler alert, Jericho won. He's the first ever AEW Champion.

Which is the best case scenario for the new company. Jericho is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame (as long as his AEW career isn't held against him), he was the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion, a 6-time World Champion, 9-time Intercontinental Champion, and a 7-time tag team champion. He's a triple crown and grand slam champion in WWE as well. That's not even including his WCW championships, IWGP career, or his career in Mexico.

Wrestling Observer has also given Jericho tons of honors, including Wrestler of the Year twice (2008 and 2009) and putting him in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

Having Jericho on top is the best case scenario for AEW as they start their cable TV run.

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