Bossier City has their eye on some major projects. At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the city proposed a $60 million bond to fund dozens of projects. They say the bond would come at no additional cost to taxpayers in the city.

The list of projects the city wants to fund with the money range from upgrading parks to supplementing road projects. Here is a more in depth look at what the city has planned:

  • Animal control building expansion
  • Coleman Street expansion/rehab
  • Shed Road supplement
  • Resurfacing handicapped ADA playground areas
  • Rehabilitation of restrooms and concessions areas in city parks
  • Rehabilitation installation of LED lighting in park ballfields
  • Addition of five baseball/softball fields at Tinsley Park
  • City-wide ditch improvements
  • City owned building improvements

If approved, the city would finance the bond for 30 years. Officials with Bossier went on to say it could take years for some of these projects to become a reality.

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