It's truly been an amazing year for former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. Roughly 13 months ago, Rhodes asked and received his release from the WWE. At the time, nobody knew what Cody would or could do. Fast forward and here we are...talking about one of the most prolific and profitable stars on the independent circuit.

Last night at Ring of Honor's PPV 'Best in the World', Rhodes challenged Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Championship. And boy was it a slobber knocker. Both guys ended up bloody. They got in some old school, high impact offense. It was a quality main event match.

In the end, Rhodes was able to hit a Cross Rhodes for the win and his first World Championship. This match was significant for multiple reasons. Not only did Cody capture his first title just a few weeks past the 2nd anniversary of the death of his daddy Dusty Rhodes, but he went out and proved he could be a main event talent and flag bearer for a brand. Something WWE obviously didn't see for Rhodes.

Nobody knows what the future holds for Rhodes. In some interviews he says he's doing fine without the WWE. In others, he says he just not ready to go back right now. Who knows. But, one thing is for certain, the Grandson of a Plumber just proved that he's got a little 'Dream' living in his 'Nightmare'. Congrats.

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