Matt and Jeff Hardy have been the talk of the wrestling universe for multiple reasons. From their surprise debut and tag team title win in Ring of Honor to their legal fight with TNA to their rumored return to the WWE, there has been no two hotter names in professional wrestling. And now, just a few days ahead of WrestleMania 33, it sounds like some of the rumor and innuendo surrounding the Hardys and their return to WWE is getting cleared up.

Last week, it was confirmed by multiple sources that WWE officials had been in contact with the Hardy Boys and officially offered them a contract. However, while some places reported that the Boys agreed in principal, there were A LOT of details to iron out including work rate, schedule, pay and ownership over the 'Broken Universe'.

According to the Wrestler Observer, it sounds like the two sides have worked out their contract issues and a Hardy Boyz return is imminent. Dave Meltzer from the Observer is reporting that a Hardy debut is no longer an 'if' but a 'what day and on what brand'.

Due to the Hardys very loose agreement with Ring of Honor, they could literally show up anywhere or at any time. According to Meltzer, officials are leaning more toward sending the Hardys to Smackdown to help with their tag division but nothing is set in stone at this point.

Matt and Jeff are scheduled to defend their Ring of Honor Tag Titles against the Young Bucks in Orlando Saturday night. Which could mean an appearance at WrestleMania on Sunday or at Raw or Smackdown next week.

It is also speculated the Hardys may have their ladder match early in the card for Ring of Honor and drive down the street and make a surprise appearance at NXT Takeover...although that scenario seems highly unlikely.

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