I've written A LOT lately about Matt Hardy and his Broken Universe. Monday night on Raw, it appeared that Hardy had a mental breakdown following a loss to Bray and began teasing the character he created for TNA/Impact Wrestling. The next day, TNA issued a statement that they will no longer be taking legal action against the Hardy family.

So, it was highly speculated that the Broken Universe was coming in some form or fashion to the WWE. But, it would seem, that not only will Matt Hardy officially own the Broken Universe in a few weeks...but that the FULL BLOWN Broken Universe is coming to the WWE.

Vanguard 1 is back on Twitter, Senor Benjamin has resurfaced and Matt has produced a brand new video teasing the return of his 'GREAT WAR'. Whether or not the WWE Universe can actually handle Broken Matt Hardy remains to be seen. But its coming and its coming hard.

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