If you didn't watch WWE Payback tonight, you missed one hell of a show! It was a fun PPV with lots of ups and downs. But one of the highlights of the evening was Cesaro and Sheamus v The Hardy Boyz.

Since returning to WWE, the Hardys have managed to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles, sell a ton of merch and make a huge splash with the crowd. With that said, tonight, the Boyz did the job for Cesaro and Sheamus.

It was a BRUTAL match with tons of crazy spots, blood and a moment of broken glory. And I'm not just talking about 'Confused' Matt Hardy yelling DELETE at the top of his lungs. Sheamus quite literally kicked Jeff Hardy in the mouth and broke his tooth.

The Hardy Boyz may have scored the win, but this rivalry is far from OVAH. Cesaro and Sheamus turned heel after the match and just beat the hell out of the already broken Hardys.

If you didn't watch tonight, this is well worth looking up online or on the WWE Network. As good and as violent as this match was, these 4 guys are going to tear the roof off the place at Extreme Rules.

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