Since the Hardy Boyz returned at WrestleMania last year, there has been A LOT of speculation about whether or not WWE would (or even could) embrace the Broken Universe. Matt Hardy's odd, art house brain child captured the attention of fans everywhere in 2016, but due to legal battles with TNA/Impact Wrestling, nobody truly knew if and how WWE would use the gimmick.

Well, after several teases and false starts, it appears Matt Hardy is 100% Broken....wait, check that, Woken. Last night on Raw, Bray Wyatt began calling out Matt Hardy, questioning who he was, when Matt interrupted Bray in all his 'woken' glory. Woken Matt Hardy is basically Broken Matt Hardy...I guess the only real difference is 100% free and clear legal use.

Either way, the promo was fun. This Bray Wyatt feud has the potential to be amazing. And hearing Matt Hardy sentence Bray to DELETION made me happy in ways I can't verbally express. Bring on Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Brother Nero and the rest of the Hardy Clan! This is going to be absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

As an added bonus, to get you prepared for the holidays and the upcoming Woken Matt Hardy madness, here is House Hardy singing the 12 Days of Deletion.

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