Matt Hardy may be one of the most interesting men in professional wrestling history. Dude has been around for 20+ years and has made it a calling card to reinvent himself in new and interesting ways. From Team Xtreme to Version 1 to Big Money Matt, Hardy has been able to stay relevant and at the top of his game.

But, his most recent character, 'Broken' Matt Hardy may be his most popular and most fascinating. His bizarre art house project in TNA somehow became the most important character in professional wrestling in the past decade. It's weird, believe me I know, but somehow the Broken Universe made TNA money and made them important.

Then, of course, TNA did what TNA does and completely dropped the ball on the situation, leading to the Hardys return to WWE. And while the nostalgic Team Xtreme run has been fun, most fans have wanted to see the 'Broken Universe' show up in the Fed.

Unfortunately for Matt and Jeff, every time it seemed WWE was ready to pull the trigger, something bad would happen. The Revival got injured, then the Bar got injured, then the Revival got injured again, then Jeff got hurt...the sad reality is that no matter what the Hardys have tried to do, the plans ultimately ended up getting tossed due to injury.

However, now that things have settled down and Survivor Series is out of the way, it seems WWE has finally decided to break Matt Hardy. On Raw, after being defeated by Bray Wyatt, Matt had a complete break down. He was shouting his signature 'Delete' chant. He was acting nutty. He completely unraveling before our eyes. It was a beautiful thing.

How this all plays out, one can never know. WWE gave Bray Wyatt several shots at the weird that just didn't pan out. Whether that was on WWE or Bray, who knows. So, how they treat 'Broken' Matt moving forward is anyone's guess. But, judging by the crowd reaction last night, everyone is still all in on Matt Hardy and his Broken Condition. At the very least, this should give us some interesting WWE programming.


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