Sean Payton says it's much ado about nothing.  He just met with Johnny Manziel during the Super Bowl cuz he wanted to "get to know him some".  But it does make you think.

Manziel was one of the most electric talents to ever come out of college football.  He was the first freshman to ever win the coveted Heisman Trophy.  When he left Texas A&M after his sophomore season, he was drafted 1st by the hapless Cleveland Browns. We all know how that worked out.

But Manziel says he's a changed man.  He says he beat his substance abuse issues without professional help.  He's working out with quarterbacks guru George Whitfield in San Diego, and he's put the word out that he would like a second chance to play in the NFL.

As intriguing a talent as Johnny Football is, it will take a lot of convincing for a team to take a risk and sign him.  An owner would have to be a little crazy to take that kind of chance.  Hmm, now who might fit that description?  There's this wacko in Dallas who comes to mind.



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