Having a job in demolition is pretty much every little boy's dream. You get to drive huge equipment and knock stuff down! Building in your way? No problem! Just drive through it!  Need a big pile of dirt dropped on something for some reason? Simple! Those huge machines can do anything!

In Baltimore, a demolition crew was hired to knock down a building. But seeing as how the building was attached to another building, it made things a little extra tricky. How do you only knock down HALF of a building? Well, if you're this crew, the answer is: not well. Midway through the job, a piece of the building intended to be demo'd crashed down on the roof of the part that was to be salvaged, causing the second floor of the wrong building to come crashing down! Oops!

Hopefully that building was vacant too, because that would be a hell of a surprise to the owners when they got home from work that day! Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone was injured in the whole ordeal...just some injured egos.

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