If you're a fan of college athletics you are probably aware of the (mostly) good natured ribbing and smack talking that goes on between fan bases. Goodness knows that many opponents of LSU have heard the "tiger bait" chant on their way into Tiger Stadium.

There is a line where good fun turns mean and into just poor sportsmanship. Many fans of LSU believe that players on the University of Florida's football team crossed that line.

There is a photo that is circulating on the internet that shows two Florida Gators,offensive lineman Nick Villano and tight end C'yontai Lewis, holding the skeleton of a cat draped in purple and gold beads.

You can see that photo here

If you were unaware LSU's beloved Mike VI, the living tiger mascot, was euthanized last week because of complications with cancer.

Many LSU and college football fans believe this photo is proof of something that was at the very least a joke in very poor taste.The University of Florida twitter account, @GatorsFB, explained the cat in question this way.

The Halloween cat seen on the field after last nights game was thrown onto the field by a fan. It has no significance within our program.

Another theory could be that the "dead cat" was also in reference to the University of Missouri. They too have a tiger for a mascot and were the 'Gators opponent on the night in question. 

That might be easier to swallow if the cat skeleton was not draped in purple and gold beads. The colors of LSU.  There has always been animosity between the two football fan bases. This year that was exacerbated when the game between the two schools was postponed by Hurricane Matthew. Many fans around the country feel that the University of Florida handled that situation poorly.

The game between LSU and Florida has been rescheduled for November 19th. The game will be played at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge instead of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville Florida.

Whether the "cat prank" was aimed at LSU, a misguided attempt at humor against Missouri , or just a poorly thought out immature Halloween prank by some knuckleheads,you can bet Coach Ed Orgeron will use this as a motivator for his LSU Tigers.

Up next on the Tiger's schedule will be Ole Miss in a nationally televised game Saturday night. Kickoff for that game at Tiger Stadium is set for 7 PM.


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