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When it comes to TV shows predicting the future, The Simpsons are the undisputed kings. But other shows have had moments of predictive brilliance too.

This submission for "predicting the future" comes to us from Saturday Night Live, and one of their greatest sketches ever. One that featured the legendary comedian Chris Farley, and the city of Shreveport. Amazingly, it happened all the way back in 1991, 30 years ago. The sketch we're talking about absolutely predicted Shreveport's future...

Saturday Night Live via Youtube.com
Saturday Night Live via Youtube.com

This classic sketch is titled "Schiller Visions: Hidden Camera Commercials". It's such a classic, you've probably already seen it a dozen times in your life.

It features a Swedish TV host covering the early 90s crazy of "hidden camera TV commercials". They show a fake finished product commercial about coffee crystals, and then show an "outtake" version. This outtake features a man played by Chris Farley, who reacts in an absurdly violent way to being informed about the switch made to his coffee. Insanity ensues...

Some of you might be ahead of my already, and know why I feel like this predicted Shreveport's future. But if you're not there yet, here we go.

Over the last few years, Shreveport has had a major issue with fights breaking out inside restaurants. From the classic Superior "cookie cake fight" to the interruption of drinks at East Ridge. Fights at Happy Belly's and hot dog stands. If there's food or drinks being served, Shreveport is apparently ready to throw hands.

Which is something the people at SNL were apparently aware of back in 1991.

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