Emma Stone’s SNL return may not go down among the 2016 highlights, but fans and wrestling viewers alike are more than excited to see John Cena take the stage this weekend as the year’s penultimate host. See for yourself, as Cena gets the requisite wrestling entrance in his first promos.

Our first look at Trainwreck and Sisters star Cena hosting SNL naturally leans on the wrestler’s trademark gestures and entrance music, even affording him a championship belt to wave onstage. Cena also threatens to destroy the SNL cast, but not Leslie Jones, who we can all agree would flatly embarrass him.

Cena will make his hosting debut alongside musical guest Maren Morris, while next Saturday will see Casey Affleck similarly taking the stage for the first time, joined by recurring musical guest Chance the Rapper.

In the meantime, check out the promo again above, and stay tuned for the more on the final two SNL outings of 2016 to come.

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