SNL has plenty in its recent history it’d rather forget, but very rarely does the series scrub one of its own sketches from existence. Such is apparently the case with a recent Safelite commercial parody, as SNL has been quietly deleting all record from the internet.

The sketch in question aired during Gal Gadot’s October hosting debut, and featured Beck Bennett as a Safelite employee repeatedly breaking a customer’s car to get closer to her teenage daughter. The parody hit a little too close to Safelite’s actual commercials, for which the company expressed their displeasure on Twitter the next day:

Safelite wouldn’t be the first SNL target unhappy with their portrayal, but it’s rare of the series to actually walk back a parody. As fans have now discovered, the “Safelite” sketch has been deleted from SNL’s online platforms at YouTube, Hulu and NBC, while airings of the episode now feature a deleted “Last Fry” digital short in its place. SNL has not yet commented on their decision to remove the sketch, though Decider obtained a statement from Safelite:

When the SNL sketch featuring Safelite first aired, we expressed our disappointment with how it negatively portrayed our people. It was SNL’s decision to remove the content, and they have not shared their reasons behind that decision.

It’s hard to say if SNL would draw further attention to the sketch with an explanation, but in the meantime, the final three 2017 shows kick off this weekend with host Saoirse Ronan. Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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