For the past several seasons, the Saints have struggled to win games. For 4 out of the past 5 seasons, the Saints have gone 7-9. They've fired OCs, DCs...blamed players for their failures and short comings. But out of all the changes and adjustments, there has only been one constant - Sean Payton.

I know, I know...Payton is god like in New Orleans. He brought a Super Bowl to New Orleans. He made the Saints great again during a time the city needed it most. I know all these things. But at the end of the day, he's the captain of the Saints ship and (at this point), it would seem that all his shipmates are fools.

Look at last night. The Saints spent a good bit of change on future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson. And what did that money get them? Six carries for 18 yards. SIX CARRIES!!! And Mark Ingram didn't fair much better.

Look, Drew Brees always gives the Saints a chance to win. But, their defense looks helpless. Their offense looks like it has no purpose or direction. The wheels fell off years ago and no one seems to care.

The only way the Saints are going to get better is by saying good bye to Payton. I know its hard to hear, but it's the truth. At the end of the day, the Saints success and failure rests on the shoulders of the Head coach. He makes the decisions on personnel, the playbook, etc.. and all his schemes and plans have failed.

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