If you haven't started looking for Christmas presents yet, you're probably behind - but who am I to judge?  If you do your best work at a convenience store on Christmas Eve, don't let me get in the way of your tradition.  In fact, I hope your mama loves that Elvis ashtray!  However, If you want to go sew up a few presents now for loved ones who have moved out of state - check this out. You know, just in case you just can't find the right thing at Circle K.

Homesick Candles has a complete line of candles custom made to emit the most common aromas from each state in case you are homesick (get it?).  For Texas, the formulation includes smells like: "dark leather, fresh pine, and thick lemon slices combined with cyclamen and a touch of sage."  As a Texas native, I think that the smell of a country blacktop, hot from the August sun, kissed by the first drops of a summer storm is the only thing missing.  Other than that, it's pretty accurate.

The Arkansas scent is described as "fresh magnolia and hints of vanilla, cream, and maple."  Once again, pretty accurate.  Louisiana, however, has me at a loss.  The $29.99 candle representing the Bayou State will give you 60-80 hours of "magnolia, honeysuckle, and country jasmine," smells to remind you of home.  While those flowers bloom in huge numbers across the state, I don't know if that quite does it.  If you missed your home state off Louisiana,  I feel like the best smells to remind you of home would be the food.  I'm not suggesting a crawfish and gumbo fragrance (although, I'd give it a smell), but what about bread pudding and beignets?  It's just my opinion, but I'd like to see some options here.

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