Scam Alert!  This scam has been around for awhile, but it is making a come back. Be carefull when you answer your phone late at night, it's probably NOT a booty call.

The scam involves someone calling you usually late at night saying has been injured and they need you to foward them to the officer on the scene. So they ask you to dial *72 and a phone number. 

*72 ONLY activates the call forwarding function allowing the scammers to make collect phone calls on YOUR hard earned dime! You probably won't know that you've been scammed utill you get your massive phone bill.

A similar scam sets up the victim by an inmate, dialed the wrong number, and involved someone claiming to be an inmate, saying he dialed the wrong number, saying that he was just arrested, and asking you to dial *72 and the so called "right" number to he can reach his mommy or some other b.s.

That's how the scam started in 2004, when Cook County Jail inmates in Chicago used *72 to make hundreds of long-distance calls, all paid for by someone else.

Better Business Bureau officials say consumers who fall for the scam should dial *73 to deactivate the feature and report unauthorized charges to their phone companies.

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