All the politicking is nearly over and it's time to make up your mind in the Shreveport Mayor's race. Early voting numbers are in and thousands have already voted in the election.


Caddo Registrar Ernie Roberson says almost 6700 people cast votes. Here's the breakdown:

3828 Democrats voted
2132 Republicans voted
721 Other Party voters
Of these voters, 3300 were white while nearly 3200 were black. 2636 men voted compared to 4044 women.
Saturday is election day. The Shreveport Mayor's race is on the ballot along with These Shreveport City Council runoff elections:
Districts A: Willie Bradford and Rose Wilson McCulloch
District B: LeVette Fuller and Wendy Vance
District C: Patrick Kirton and John Nickelson
District D: Grayson Boucher and Versa Clark
You will also find the Secretary of State runoff between Kyle Ardoin and Gwen Collins-Greenup.
There is also a runoff in Caddo School board District 7 between Raymond Green and Barbara Johnson.
Election day is this Saturday, December 8th. Polls open at 7 a.m and close at 8 p.m.

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