The Covid vaccine is on the way to our community. Governor John Bel Edwards says some front line health care workers could get the vaccine over the weekend. Others will get it next week.
Dr. Martha Whyte, Director of the Office of Public Health for Region 7 tells KEEL News it won't be long before we start getting the vaccine to others who are considered "high risk".

Dr. Whyte says the vaccine will likely be available to the general public in the first quarter of 2021. She says there is some discussion about setting up large sites where the general public will go to to get the vaccine. She encourages folks to get this vaccine. She tells us there is no "live coronavirus" in this vaccine. She adds: "It's just pieces of protein that are similar to the virus that will cause you to have an immune response."
Dr. Whyte says the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine will go to the hospitals. It will be administered first to front line health care workers who deal with Covid patients.

The Moderna vaccine is expected to follow within 2 weeks and it will be administered to EMS workers and long term care facilities and nursing homes. Dr. Whyte reminds you that you will have to get 2 shots. The second one will come 25-30 days after the first dose, depending on which vaccine you get.

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