David Silveria, best known from his long stint as the drummer for Korn, was arrested in Huntington Beach, Calif. Sunday morning (March 25), after police discovered him intoxicated behind the wheel.

Drummer David Silveria recently announced his return to music with the band INFINIKA — his first gig since parting ways with Korn in late 2006. Vocalist Jonathan Davis has previously cited drug abuse as the reason for the split with their drummer of 13 years, while Silveria says he left the band due to “negative attitudes.” Despite a five year hiatus from the music business following his departure from Korn, it would appear he has yet to shake off all of his demons.

TMZ reports that the 39-year old drummer was pulled over by police — for reasons that have not been disclosed — at 10:45AM Sunday morning in Huntington Beach. The traffic stop ended with Silveria in a new pair of silver bracelets and being charged with Driving Under the Influence.

Silveria’s new band INFINIKA is set to release their debut album ‘Echoes and Traces’ during either the summer or fall of 2012, with the first single set for release April 2.

Watch INFINIKA’s Promotional Video

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