Police in West Texas have stopped another mass shooting, according to KWTX.  Late last week,19-year-old William Patrick Williams was arrested on charges related to lying to a gun dealer in order to purchase a semi-automatic rifle.

Federal authorities were tipped off by Williams' grandmother after he told her that he was planning on shooting up a hotel and hoped to force police to kill him.  According to the report, his grandmother convinced him to go to the hospital instead.  After the police were contacted, they searched his hotel room, and found that this was a very real threat.  Officers found an AK-47 and 17 ammunition-filled magazines along with knives, tactical gloves, and black clothing.

As of the last report, the 19 year old has only been charged with lying to a gun dealer by giving him an outdated address.  He is currently being held in the Lubbock County jail.

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