Over the past years, there have been very few bands that embody the soul of rock and roll quite like the Charm City Devils. The guys are PURE rock. Imagine if AC/DC and Aerosmith had a bastard love child together that was raised by Scott Weiland in his hard drug days and you would have the Charm City Devils. I've been saying it for years, and I'll say it again, these guys are the real deal and will be around for a long time!

Coming from the ashes of bands such as SR-71 and Child's Play, the Charm City Devils are a pure rock pedigree. Just to show you that I'm not making all this up, back in 2009, shortly after their formation, Charm City was signed and mentored by Eleven Seven Music's chairman and all around bad ass, Nikki Sixx. Nikki is actually the guy that came up with the name 'Charm City Devils'. Pretty cool, right?

Nikki was so impressed with these guys and their live show, he gave them a killer spot on CrueFest 2 alongside Motley Crue, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, and tons of other killer bands.

Also in 2009, the Charm City Devils were named Best New Rock Band by iTunes and received awards and praise from Spin magazine and others.

Since then, Charm City has been kicking ass and taking names. They've played Rocklahoma, Rock on the Range...their song 'Unstoppable' was used for the WWE pay per view No Way Out.

After dealing with some personal issues between 2009 & 2012, the band is primed to kick the rock word square in the ass. Currently, they are on the road with Slash. On September 23rd, they will be releasing their 3rd studio album 'Battles'. And, oh by the way, you can check them out at this year's Smith & Forge Festapalooza II on September 20th alongside Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts, Kevin Martin & Friends, Fuel, Avatar, Fozzy, Downfall Rising and Caroline's Spine.

I'm telling you, you're not gonna wanna miss the boat on these fellas. They are going to be the next big thing in rock!

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