It's a sight that will take even the most mature adult in the audience back to their pre-teen years!

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The night sky will be lit up with an incredible fireworks display! That's exactly what visitors will receive as an early Christmas gift with And that' exactly what we'll be treated to this Saturday with the Rockets Over The Red!

Bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the entire festival from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm this Saturday, November 27 in downtown Shreveport and at the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets in Bossier City.

After it's cancellation in 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions, the free event is back! Stocked with fun, family friendly activities, this year's festival returns to signify the kickoff of the Christmas season like only Shreveport/Bossier can do!

Different Versions of 'The Night Before Christmas'

There are few holiday stories more iconic than 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' AKA 'The Night Before Christmas'. This poem first published anonymously in 1823 and later attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, who claimed authorship in 1837. Since that time, many people have put their own spin on the classic poem. The following are many of the more popular re-writes of the old story of getting a visit from a jolly old elf.

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