Chris Jericho's latest WWE run came to an end two weeks ago. Since, then he's gone into full bore rock and roll mode. His band Fozzy is out on the road touring the US to pre promote their new album 'Judas'.

To help promote the album and new tour, Fozzy released the title track of the album as their first single. And, by all accounts, it has far surpassed expectations. It's the number 1 selling single in a bunch of countries, is the featured song of NXT: Takeover Chicago and in less than two weeks the music video blew past 2 million views.

And I know wrestling fans will support Chris Jericho whether their music is good or not. But, don't let the fact Y2J is the lead singer of the band deter you, Fozzy is the real damn deal. Check out 'Judas', buy the single on iTunes and go see them in Dallas at the end of the month.

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