After a 12 year absence from professional wrestling, Bill Goldberg last returned last night to a thunderous ovation to respond to Brock Lesnar's challenge. And Goldberg did not disappoint. Delivering probably the best promo of his storied career, Goldberg tells Lesnar not only is he next...but that he's last!

Now, I don't know who goes over in this match or how good it'll end up being, but I went from not caring at all to being all in. They aren't building this as a professional wrestling match, they are building this as a fight of epic proportions, They are building this as two monsters colliding in an epic bout with epic amounts of destruction.

Whether this bout ends up delivering or not, the WWE has me and many other skeptical fans buying into a match we all thought we never wanted to see. And that my friends is the beauty of professional wrestling. When you put together a solid storyline, anything is possible.


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