If you haven't tried any Great Raft Beer, which is brewed is right here in Shreveport, you are seriously missing out. Great Raft makes some fantastic brews (my favorite is called Reasonably Corrupt) and have really started making waves. The brewery was just named one of the best up and coming breweries in America by Bon Appetit magazine.

On a list that includes breweries from all across the country, not only was Great Raft featured exclusively in the main picture for the article, but Bon Appetit had a lot of nice things to say about our local brewery:

If you’re going to open a brewery in sweltering, food-loving Louisiana, you best accomplish two goals: Make the beers refreshing and complementary to Cajun and Creole cuisine. Since its fall debut, Shreveport’s Great Raft has floated locals’ boats with smooth lagers like the roasty Reasonably Corrupt and the pleasingly citrusy Commotion, a pale ale.

Great Raft offers tours of the brewery, and you can find several of their beers in stores around the Shreveport-Bossier area. For more details, visit Great Raft's Facebook page.

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