Have you heard about the latest "trend" in the culinary world? It's called "mouth cooking" and on first look, you might think that it's a segment from the old MTV series, "Jackass." But no less authorities than The Washington Post and The Atlantic have heralded it as legitimate.

Currently, there are dozens of "mouth cooking" videos on YouTube and other sites, but the original idea seems to have come from a self-proclaimed chef named Iska Upton (though on-screen she refers to herself as Riva Godfrey). Here's a description from washingtonpost.com:

"...instead of dicing her onion, carrot and celery, she has an innovative approach: She peels the onion, and then bites into it as if it’s an apple, chewing it until it’s about the consistency of a dice, and then spitting it into a bowl. Then comes the carrot and the celery, chewed and spat. 'Put it in your mouth, chop it up a bit further, and get it out, so we’re getting nice, even pieces,' she says."

"Mouth Cooking" videos include Chef Upton's innovative recipes for dishes ranging from "quick and easy guacamole," to steak tartare and even Christmas turkey.

And a quick shout-out of congratulations to the Washington Post which, in wrapping up its report, does a bit of editorializing about this pretty awful cooking concept.

"Perhaps (mouth cooking) should be called 'baby birding' because that’s nearly what’s happening here. Even though the food is cooked, potentially killing some of the germs that a diner could catch from the cook’s mouth, to think about the health effects of this practice is to take it too seriously. Because the visceral reaction, for most people, is a resounding 'Oh hell no.'"

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