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On November 22nd, 1986 a 20-year-old Mike Tyson stepped between the ropes to take on WBC World Heavyweight Champion Trevor Berbick. As the fight started, no one knew what was about to unfold...the Legend of Iron Mike was beginning in front of them.

You can hear it with the announcers calling the match, they're still giving Berbick a shot, when everyone who knows what Mike Tyson was going to become knew what those loud punches were about to do. Listen to them here...

If you watch all the way through, you get to see the punch that won the match, the three-knockdown-punch, where Berbick goes down three times off one single punch.

We know that Mike Tyson would go on to tarnish his legacy. Between odd losses and serious legal troubles, Tyson became one of the most disliked people in the world.

After a few years, some weird television appearances, the movie The Hangover, and having someone arguably worse than him (Floyd Mayweather) show up, Tyson somehow rehabbed his image to some point. Tyson became self-aware, and to an extent, self deprecating, which helped with the rehab. He lost a lot of the terrifying "Iron Mike" vibes, and gained this odd "cool old guy" vibe.

But now, Tyson is trying to get some of that "Iron Mike" nostalgia back (and also make some money). In order to do this, Tyson is entering the boxing ring again, against other boxing legend, Roy Jones, Jr.

The match will actually be this weekend, landing extremely close to the anniversary of his first Heavyweight Championship win.

Now, there are some interesting stipulations to this Tyson vs Jones match, including that the boxers aren't allowed to knock each other out. As it was described by reporters this weekend, it will be nothing more than "hard sparing", with no betting...

Honestly, it's a pretty interesting idea, but Tyson is 54 years old now, and I don't know if he's got anything left. But he looks REALLY good right now, so I'm pretty torn on whether or not it's something I'm going to watch. But for $50, I can think of worse things you could end up watching.


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