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Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 20, 2021. Now, I’ve got a little experience at this Father’s Day thing. I’ve had a father for 57 years now and I’ve been a father for 28 years with a total of three sons. So, I’ve been the recipient of the love and affection that we Dads see on this special day and I’ve been the one who tried to show Dad the love that he’s earned over the years.

Lots of people spend a lot of time and money trying to show Dad just how much his time and advice have meant to them over the years. They try to buy the absolute best gift that let Dad know just how valuable he is and they truly agonize over the decision of what to get dear old Dad.

I honestly believe it’s not that tough. Maybe I’m just easy or too predictable. Maybe my own Dad has allowed me to “think” that whatever I have done or gotten for him was just what he needed. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re on to something.

I think that what we Dads want, more than anything, is to know that our kids are safe. That they’ve been properly taught how to not only survive in this tough world, but to thrive. To think that my three sons can use some of the wisdom that I imparted to them, whether on purpose or not, to make their lives better, is the greatest gift ever.

So, if you really want to make Dad happy this Father’s Day, maybe you should just list the things that he taught you, that you’re able to use every day.

Dad, here’s what I learned from you!
• Show people how much you love them. And be someone that others want to love!
• Be honest. Every time, every day.
• Work hard. It makes you sleep better at night.
• Show appreciation for anything you’re given
• Stand for something. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Don’t be willing to curb your morals just to avoid controversy or to be popular
• Smile. And not just when you’re happy. Smile all the time! Sometimes you just gotta fake it until you make it.
• Never trust a fart
• Pay cash. Debt will crush a man
• Do something right the first time
• Be the first to praise and the first to apologize when you’re wrong
• It’s better to be silent and thought ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

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