Received an email from a guy asking, “What do I do if I think my girlfriend has herpes?  I’ve noticed she has “fever blisters” from time to time around her mouth and I’m worried she has herpes.”

Here’s my response:

This is a lose-lose conversation.  If she has it and hasn’t already told you, do you really think she’ll fess up because you asked?  Second, if she doesn’t have it, you just got dumped.  No chick wants to date a guy who thought she had a venereal disease.

Better idea:

Check out the medicine cabinet, after all, it’s about suppression.  If you see a bottle of Valtrex, and it isn’t yours, then you have your answer.  However, if she isn’t open about it she might be smart enough to hide the bottle from detection, i.e., she keeps it in her purse.  Commit the ultimate guy sin and rifle through your woman’s purse.  If she has pills, that is where you’ll find them.


If you find pills, your chick has herpes!  However, if she doesn’t have pills she could still have herpes.  That means you likely now have herpes or worse yet, you’ve had herpes and now you’ve given her a gift for life!

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