In case you haven't heard, Sevendust is coming to the Riverside Warehouse tomorrow night. And Sevendust, being the awesome guys that they are, are giving us something you can't get anywhere else no matter how much money you have or what you do. And all you have to do to get it, is help out the amazing cause of Operation Santa Claus.

The guys in Sevendust have provided us with the ULTIMATE Sevendust experience. Not only will you get to hang out with the guys. Not only will get to go on their tour bus and see what it's like to live the life of a Rockstar. But you will also get to walk on stage with the band tomorrow night and enjoy the entire show from the best seat in the house, right next to Morgan Rose! That's right, essentially, you will get to BE a member of Sevendust for a night. How cool is that?

And all you have to do to win this amazing prize is by helping out Operation Santa Claus. Show up at the Riverside Warehouse tomorrow night with a new, unwrapped toy (preferably over the price of $10 bucks. Now's not the time to be a cheap bastard) and you get entered to win this amazing package. For every new unwrapped toy you bring, you get another entry.

In other bring one toy. You get one entry. You bring 100 toys, you get 100 entries. Here's the catch: we are cutting off submissions for this thing at 9:30 PM (Doors open at 8 and I'll be out there starting at 7, so get there early) and doing the drawing. So, get there with your toy(s) early to make sure you get registered.

If you're a fan of Sevendust, this is the ULTIMATE experience that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Not to mention, you can feel good about yourself because you just helped some kid have a Christmas that they probably wouldn't have other wise. I feel all warm and fuzzy already. We'll see you tomorrow night. And thank you to the guys from Sevendust for putting this together. This just goes to show how awesome those fellas truly are.