Fozzy Frontman, Wrestler, Podcast host, actor, scarf enthusiast, etc. Chris Jericho is turning 46 today. Ol' Sparkle Crotch may be getting a little long in the tooth but dude just gets better with age. So, to celebrate the greatness that is Y2J, here is a list of what makes Jericho awesome....DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAAAAN!:

1) Drinking Stories - HOLY CRAP! Dude has some epic drinking stories. Here is one of my favorites.

2) Lists - When Chris Jericho Makes a list, its MONEY! Here is the greatest of Jericho's list.

3) Fozzy - For a band that sort of started out of boredom while Jericho was injured, has turned into a real life, fully kick ass rock band.

4) Humor - Jericho is possibly the funniest man on the planet. Seriously.