Up until 10 years or so ago, I subscribed to the Terry Bradshaw definition of sushi--"Where I come from we call that 'bait'!"  It just had never occurred to me that eating raw fish could be a good thing.  I thought they just cut a big ole strip off of a catfish and plopped it on your plate.  Yuck!

But then someone in Austin convinced me to accompany them to lunch at a sushi bar to try it out.  Not wanting to look like a complete weenie, I decided it was time to fish or cut bait (so to speak); so, I went along.  Since I was a newbie, they suggested I try the California Roll.  My plate was delivered with soy sauce for dipping and I hesitantly took my first taste.  The texture was different, but a melange of flavors exploded on my tongue.  From then on I was hooked. (Pardon the pun.)  It's not something that I crave every day, or have to have to survive, but sushi is definitely one of my favorite foods.

And now there's a brand new place called Kumo Sushi just down the road from the radio station at 6161 Greenwood Rd. in Shreveport.  It's in an old Pizza Hut location, so it doesn't scream, "Sushi!", but the meal was fresh and the crab cakes were amazing!  So, even if you're leery, grab a friend, take the plunge, and grab some sushi.  If you're like me, you won't regret it.


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