I love sushi. Unfortunately, the price of sushi means you have to be extremely selective about where you choose to eat. Having a $75 tab after you had mediocre sushi is one of the worst feelings ever. My friend and I went to Tokyo, not for Hibachi, we went for the sushi. 4 sushi rolls later and a lot of judgment from people around us we polished off the sushi rolls. Everyone orders two rolls a person right? That's totally normal, if not we need to make it a thing. I came back and mentioned to some co-workers that I had the best sushi during lunch. Before I realized it I was hearing about multiple places that have stellar sushi here in the Ark-La-Tex. Before you say "Hey all Sushi tastes the same" you need to be informed that you are wrong. If you have yet to try Sushi, I can be your  Jimmy Fallon if you will be my Blake Shelton. Don't understand the reference? Watch the video below.

Where do you go to get your Sushi fix? Tell us in the comments below!

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