Watching so many of my friends date is difficult. I often want to jump in and give advice, however I remember I need some advice when it comes to my relationship. A friend of mine has been single for a year now and she recently asked me "You know how I have gone on a few dates with that new guy? How soon should I quit talking to other guys on bumble?" I realized I had no idea. Why is dating feeling more and more like speed dating these days?

Does my boyfriend not love me if he doesn't post it on my wall? Why won't he post cute photos of us talking about how much he loves me. Well, it's simple, he's a guy he shows me love by tagging me in stupid things and things he finds hilarious. He doesn't see Facebook or Instagram as a place to show off his love and affection. I can barely get the man to tell me how he's feeling in person. Why should I expect him to write it out for all to read? It is something that took me awhile to understand.

Some of my friends have told me how social media is ruining their relationships. Frankly, if your other half gets messages in their inbox and they can't control themselves, you should walk away. According to Pew Research Center only 67% of internet users in a  relationship have shared their passwords with their significant others. 34% of Women and 62% of men have admitted to checking their partners cell phone or social media and read through messages. Many people claim their partners pay more attention to their phones than to them when they're together. Have you done the same?

"Social media is just a huge megaphone." said a married co-worker of mine. "If your relationship is that shaky that social media can tear it apart, you don't need to be in that relationship in the first place. I think a lot of people use it as a cop out." Is it true? Are many of us blaming social media on our failing relationships? What are your thoughts?


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