Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship?
34% of Women and 62% of men have admitted to checking their partners cell phone or social media and read through messages. Many people claim their partners pay more attention to their phones than to them when they're together. Have you done the same?
Watch Four Average Women Become Models Via Photoshop [VIDEO]
It just ain't fair. You clean up on Friday night. Put on your best jeans, your favorite Pantera t-shirt (maybe even through a sports coat over it), comb your hair (if you still have any), and brush your teeth.'re ready! Time to hit your favorite watering holes in search of …
Brett Favre Will Never Learn…[PIC]
The great thing about Football is that any given moment, anything can happen. Sunday night during the Packers/Bears game, one of my favorite sports moments happened and it didn't even take place on the field.
NBC flashed a shot of a lady Packer fan holding up a sign that read "My cheati…