News about a man and a woman arguing over suspected infidelity is nothing new, but a woman going to jail after assaulting her husband with Nerf guns during the aforementioned argument is certainly worth looking in to.

40 year old Anh Pham of Monroe was taken in to custody by deputies with Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office earlier this month after she allegedly attacked her husband with the toy firearms after becoming enraged with him during an argument.  The unnamed victim claims that he tried to run away, but Anh chased him down the street hitting him with a pair of plastic Nerf guns.

According to My Ark-La-Miss, officers responding to the domestic disturbance reportedly found her husband with multiple scrapes and cuts on his arms and face from the attack.  When questioned, Pham admitted to launching the attack in retaliation for cheating.  She was arrested on the spot, booked into Ouachita Correctional Center, and charged with Domestic Abuse Battery.  Since responding officers also found that 4 children in the home witnessed the argument and attack, she was also charged with Child Endangerment.

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